Park Field lighting

At EcoVolt Electrical our team are experienced in design, installation and maintenance of floodlighting for sporting Parks and stadiums.

We are able to supply and install a computer based SMS control system to stream line the control of the field lighting.

Undertaking this kind of project has proven to reduce the power consumption of the lighting, which will also extend the life of the lighting lamps as usage has been reduced.
This will stop the lighting been turned on when the parks are not in use and can save time with onsite timers needing adjustment.

We can also set up the control of amenities lighting, hot water units and even automatic control of doors.

We are available to help with the following

  • Design
  • SMS PC lighting control
  • New installation of poles, lighting and power cables
  • Switchboard installation.
  • Maintenance of the field lighting
  • Upgrades of existing installations
  • Lux readings and certification